What's our purpose?

Harambe Management Solutions

Located in Holt, Michigan, Harambe Management Solutions, Inc. (HMS) provides business management and analysis services to small and mid-size entities. Our Services include bookkeeping, financial and cash flow management, human resource development, performance management, database design & management, and business process integration. "Harambe" is a Kiswahili word which means "coming together, working together in unity". It was this desire for effective collaboration in the area of organizational growth and development which led to the birth of Harambe Management Solutions, Inc.

HMS was formed to satisfy the demand for an independent management consulting company that is flexible enough to deliver solutions to meet the individual needs of our client organizations in a timely manner, without compromising service quality and delivery. We are a relationship driven firm that is focused on serving the business needs of our clients. We bring a unique set of skills, knowledge and experience to our contractual engagements that have proven to add value to our clients' businesses. Our goal is to be the preferred independent business solutions provider to small businesses.

Each of our clients has a unique business challenge to solve; a specific objective that gives the desired result. Whether it is the absence of a data collection & reporting system, or lack of manpower to perform data analytics, HMS provides services and assistance to meet your needs. See the full complement of services from the Services menu.