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From Lone Ranger to Magnificent Seven!

There is no doubt that there is pride of ownership and that you the business owner feels good of your accomplishments. Go ahead .. do a little jig, or double fist pump!

Your dedication & drive have paid dividend.

Now. Sit back for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many hours did you work last month?
  2. How many hours did you work last week?
  3. Did you gain additional business over the last 90 days?
  4. When was the last time you hired a new staff?
  5. How long was your last vacation?
  6. When is your next vacation?
  7. Did anything fun oustide of work lately?
... let's kick this up a notch; dare to imagine something bigger than ourself.

Probably there is room to grow. But, no matter what .. there are only 24 hours in any given day and, there is only one you! Maybe it is time to consider getting some help to grow bake a bigger pie. Let us hasten say say ... the objective is not necessarily to have a "bigger pie", rather it's returning more residual value (net assets) to you the business owner. By adding another creative mind to your business, not only does your business gain additional hours, but there are additional gains in skills, knowledge & competence.

Let us be clear. Crystal. Do not "bite off more than you can chew". Do not "write a check you can't cash". However, you should always be aware of opportunities to grow the long term value of your business. You've got people! Call them up.

An outside consult like HMS brings a fresh perspective and can render short term assistance.

Harambe Management is at your service..

Check your scoreboard

Sleepless nights and stressful meetings without clear resolution can be a memory of the past. Many managers report that one of their largest frustrations is not knowing if they are making the right decisions. The bigger question is what data you are using to guide and make those decisions? Hard data must be utilized to shape, lead and correct our decision-making process. Making decisions based on an emotional mind rather than based on the history your organization has developed can lead to significant financial woes.

One way to ensure decisions are made with confidence and ease is by your agency having a way to collect data and read data that will help make those decisions and develops a more concrete support for the decisions that are made. Having data that paints a picture of the historical performance of your agency can help identify and elevate root cause problems and needs. Database design and web applications can assist with the data collection you need while performance management helps to apply the right data to the questions at hand. Utilizing data to drive decision making, planning, recruiting and management ensures decisions are made with the confidence and ease. Consider a consultation with Harambe Management to identify areas your agency may want and/or need assistance.

Harambe Management is at your service..